About Us

Lawn Care in Monroe and surrounding areas

Lawn Care in Monroe and surrounding areas

As a family-owned and operated company, we at JCL Turf Pro & Landscape have been assisting Monroe, GA residents and commercial properties with their lawn care needs since 2009. With more than 20 years of experience to our name, we have the training and equipment required to tackle a wide range of lawn-related issues. Nothing brings us greater satisfaction than when we can transform someone's property into a much healthier and verdant lawn through regular and adequate care. When it comes to tending to your lawn, you should leave the work to lawn care experts such as our team at JCL Turf Pro & Landscape!

What makes us different from other lawn care companies?

Our company is licensed as an Ornamental and Turf Pesticide Applicator (Category 24) by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.
Our customers can work directly with our owner.
Our company encourages full communication with our customers.

Cleanup and Property Enhancement

Along with our many services, we offer top-notch property enhancement and cleanup. We work with HOAs, multi-family homes, and commercial properties in order to make sure everything is up to your standards. If someone has moved out of a property and you want to enhance the aesthetics, this is the perfect option for you. While this service is offered year-round, we often recommend utilizing our property enhancement and cleanup around September as they are perfect for preparing your property for the fall and winter months ahead.

Programs Working with Nature to Make Your Lawn as Beautiful as Possible

Whether we are doing aeration or lawn maintenance, our goal is to help our customers have the beautiful lawns they have always wanted. We do this in a way that is mindful of surrounding nature and plant life. Each lawn is unique, right down to the very soil underneath, which is why we will create a personalized lawn program that works best for our customers. We credit our high-quality attention to the fact that we have so many satisfied customers, many of whom continue to entrust us with the care of their lawns. We wish to lend you a helping hand, too!

We extend our services to customers in the following areas:‚Äč